Southern Design Home Builders, starts the process by meeting with new clients and encouraging them to begin with a simple task: create a new home notebook to jot down various ideas.

Another important thing is to keep a file of magazine clippings, reference material from home design books and photos of other homes you have seen with unique features or special design elements.

Write a list of definite dos and don'ts, and likes and dislikes based on past homes or things you have seen.

When working on the design we incorporate all of that information to arrive at a home that is truly unique and individualized for each home owner.

Many people come to us with a vision in mind and blueprints in hand ready for pricing. Although, more often than not that isn't the scenario in which case we start at the beginning by identifying a client's individual wants, needs, desires and then start the design process from there.

We have included on our website a link for two important documents. Please click on each link below and print these items out for reference and to fill out and return to us.