Southern Design Home Builders is a custom home builder serving Englewood and surrounding areas from Boca Grande to Manasota Key.

After 19 years and more than 80 homes we are an experienced, solid and financially secure company.

Many people come to us with a vision in mind and blueprints in hand ready for pricing. Although, more often than not that isn't the scenario in which case we start at the beginning by identifying a client's individual wants, needs, desires and then start the design process from there. Fresh ideas coupled with needs and desires create a solid starting point when building a custom home. We try to make it fun as well as informative. Attention to detail, the client's budget and the quality of construction are paramount to Southern Design.

Working from our office at 2980 Placida Road, the staff handles the individual and collective accounting needed for the various jobs in progress as well as those in development. Our office manager, Nicola, is very experienced in shopping all the many components used in creating our custom homes. She coordinates material pricing from the foundation through to the truss package as well as all of the individual finishes that turn a house into a beautiful custom home. Nicola has saved our customers many thousands of dollars over the sixteen years she has been with us.

In the field Rick and Michelle oversee each job daily, from rough framing through the various rough-ins and on to the finishing process. Then at this point Michelle, Rick and Nicola work with each customer on an individual basis in order to put the final touches in place. We fill in the gaps where needed, and keep the company employed crews supplied with building materials, fuel, equipment, and ice water. In addition to that we mind our four trash trailers which keep our construction sites some of the cleanest you will ever see!

Our fabulous crews, terrific subs, company fleet, and a wide variety of heavy duty field equipment enable us to produce beautiful well-constructed homes that our customers and their families can enjoy for years to come all at fair prices.